Base Camp

Site Update: Pictures

It has been officially one month since the site has been online. As we are still updating most of the content, the site will slowly become finished. We have posted up some new pictures from our early springtime excursion to Onota Lake. On the way we found a nice little shortcut through Morningside park. A brook fed by melting snow gushes along the trail. Pictures of this and other extras will be updated into the gallery soon. Hopefull in the next couple of weeks the complete site will be online. Happy trails, everyone.
Welcome to the trail.

Welcome to Berkshire Trails

Hello adventurers! If you are searching for beautiful escapes from the hustle of life, you have come to the right place. Welcome to Berkshire trails, the Berkshires premier hiking, climbing, and outdoor guide! The Berkshires are seated deep in the Appalacian mountains of western Massachusetts. There are thousands of miles of trails to explore in this vast territory. Check out our trail guides to see some of the trails we have reviewed. There is also helpful information, maps, links, and even a gallery of images we captured on our expeditions. I hope you enjoy the site. Now get out there and explore your world!
In our travels, we came across a crane, a lost turtle, and a family of rabbits.

New Trail: Canoe Meadows

Check out our expedition to Canoe Meadows. This is a very easy trail and perfect for beginners. There are no steep hills or rough terrain, so bring the kids along with you for this novice hike through the Housatonic valley. Canoe Meadows is a bird sanctuary and is maintained by the Audobon Society. More information about this site can be found here.
Beautiful scenery from our expedition to Wahconah Falls.

New Trail: Wahconah Falls

See a beautiful waterfall, right here in the heart of the Berkshires. Unfortunately, during this expedition the water level was too low for the full effect of the waterfall, but this does not take away from the beauty of this scene. This trail is a little more advanced than novice level, but caters to all types of hikers. There are trails in the area for all types of hikers, novice to advanced. Also there is a swimming area and a few adventurous locals crafted a rope swing. Take a look at our photos and more information here.
See beautiful views of the mountaintops over Onota Lake.

Onota Lake

Beautiful Onota Lake is seated just east of Pittsfield State Forest. There are plenty of trails for hiking. All the local trails are nice and have great lakeside views. They are perfect for a day expedition, or even a family gathering or BBQ. The trails in this area are for novice travelers, but some trails connect to the mountain ranges for a little more adventure. In the summer there are many people on the lake boating, jet skiing, fishing, and even diving. Winter activities include snowmobiling, ice fishing, and snow shoeing. Check out more info here.
Another expedition into one of the Audobon Society's best kept secrets.

Wolf Pine Trail

Technically part of the Canoe Meadows reservation, Wolf Pine trail delivers a charm all of its own. An off shoot from the main trail, Wolf Pine takes adventurers for a short hike into a beautiful forest setting where seclusion, peace and quiet have gained there definition. Despite it's intimidating name, there are no wolves on the trail, perhaps the occasional local coyote. Wolf Pine deserves it's own expedition as it has plenty to offer. It's a relatively flat trail which is perfect for the younger family members. Also this trail is great for mountain biking as there are not many obstructions on trail, except for the occasional tree root. It is a relatively short trail but well worth the walk. The payoff? A secret swimming hole and a small dam for those adventurers who make it to the end of the trail. More info here.